scamming.club is officially down. Please do not try to log in to your mail account - it won't work.

I, the person who coded this whole site, is shutting it down.

If you know me - all userdata has been released, unencrypted, and you can use hashcat and other resources to crack passwords of other users.

Do what you want.

The passwords are 0500 mode in hashcat. Use "rockyou.txt" for best results.

If you don't know me - you're a skid.

1337.group on top. Don't try to take my code.

Thanks, and goodbye.

Signed, with love, 6331.

P.S, no, the site was not hijacked before. Just me.

P.P.S, check my keybase for proof it's me.

Shoutout to the G for being a skid.